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Rage Buggies Near Edinburgh

Daft little blighters like NEDS on Acid. Overpowered, overscary and perfect for a party event. North of Forth near Dunfermline.

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Dont get mad - get Rag-ing!!!!!

This is the best activity the team in the office have taken part in.

Your group size will determine how many buggies are on the track at any time.  If your group size is 15, you will probably have 4 or 5 buggies racing together.   Once you are kitted out with helmets, goggles and waterproofs (if wet), you will get a safety briefing followed by an explanation of how to control your rage buggy - listen carefully - this could be your answer to winning.   You will race in heats to determine the fastest lap times.  Don't be disappointed if you are slow, everyone reaches the final.   After all the fastest guys might lose it on a corner.


  • Please allow up to approx 1 and half hours depending on your group size.
  • The Rage Buggy course is specifically designed for the 670cc engines to race.
  • You will race against each other in heats and after each heat you will given your lap times.
  • Top 3 drivers get onto the podium.
  • There is a pub very close by where you can go afterwards for some food and a beer or two!!!
  • Please be aware that you will not be allowed to drive if the instructors feel you are under the influence of alcohol.
  • Dont worry if your slow all times get scrapped and everyone is once again an equal for the Final. Will the leaders spin off under the pressure!!!!!!


Once you have signed a disclaimer you will head to the kit room helmets gloves goggles and waterproofs (if its wet) will be handed out and the instructors will give you a safety briefing followed by some tips on how to control these amazing machines.


Quick Summary Of What Your Package Contains

All Necessary Equipment

Minimum Age : 18
Suitable For : Hen and Stag Parties

Activity Location

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