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Cruden Bay Golf Course- Aberdeenshire

Cruden Bay Golf Course is old fashioned links golf at its best. Designed by Old Tom Morris and Opened in 1899, Cruden Bay will not dissapoint.

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Cruden Bay

The small village of Cruden Bay is home to one of the most amazing golf courses that Scotland has to offer. This is a fantastic golf course that shows why Scotland is the home of golf! You will need some skill, patience and a wee bit of luck when you take on Cruden Bay.

Why A Round At Cruden Bay Is Amazing

The moment you first arrive here and get out of your car you know you are in for a treat! The car park looks down on the course and you can see a huge part of it in all its glory. It looks more like some kind of nature walk or botanical gardens that some guy decided to put some holes in! This is what Scottish Links is all about, the sea, the coast, the rough and everything else that makes a Scottish golf course special is here.

Cruden Bay has a great mix of hard holes, fun holes and holes where a birdie is, well not easy , but very possible. This is what makes a good course great! It makes it so even the less skilful of us can have a fun round here and at least have good few holes here and score a few birdies. Your round will start with a fun hole that will see, the inspiration for Dracula, Slains Castle looming in the background! This castle will accompany you for the next couple of holes and it just looks so cool!

The fourth hole will see you change direction with your focus now being on the little village of Port Erroll and the sea. When you get to the sixth hole the course changes once again! Now you are presented with a number of amazing looking bunch of valleys, hills, lumps and bumps! It looks crazy and will certainly make more than a few of the next set of holes a challenge for you.

I cannot think of another golf course that is just so much a part of its surroundings as, Cruden Bay is. It is like Mother Nature crafted this part of Scotland knowing that someday a person would come and plop down a golf course on it. There are a few blind shots at Cruden Bay which are very tricky! Blind shots of the tee are not all that uncommon, but having blind shots to the green is rather unusual and something that presents something of a unique challenge here at Cruden Bay.

This is one hell of a fantastic golfing experience and it starts the moment you get out of your car and look down on the course. Right from that moment until you have sunken your putt on the 18th hole, you will be having a great time.

Best Hole At Cruden Bay

Hole 3

Now a par 4 that is only 286 yards may have you rubbing your hands together thinking “easy birdie” here! But the challenge here is dealing with all the lumps and bumps that are between you and the hole! Even the most sweetest and well struck shots can see your ball roll backwards into an awkward position. Also if you try to power your way to the hole you run the risk of first of all landing in the bunker that is to the left of the green or perhaps even rolling of the green. This is what I class as a “fun” hole where no matter what score you get you will have a good time here. Even if your beautifully hit drive… rolls back further than you would like.

Somethings To Know About Playing A Round At Cruden Bay

The Wind

Like most Scottish courses the wind can present a real challenge here. One thing that I always suggest to people is not rather than getting all frustrated and annoyed with the wind. Just embrace it and see it as a challenge of the course that you have to work with and not only will you enjoy yourself a lot more, but you will find that you will have a better round as well.

Hole In One Hall Of Fame

One really cool thing about, Cruden Bay and something that goes with how fun the club is, is the way they celebrate the golfers who have managed a hole in one on their course! Will your day here be made even more special by getting your name listed with all the other fine golfers who have managed a hole in one?

Not A Lot Of Caddies

Cruden Bay do not have as many caddies as say the Old Course in St Andrews does, but they do have some cracking lads who will help you out with some tips on your position play, what club to use and other useful little bits of information. So if a caddie is something that you are interested in then make sure you book as far in advance as you can.

Other Things To Do In Aberdeenshire

A Nice Scottish Meal

The St Olaf offers a lovely place to have a nice lunch before an afternoon tee time or a nice dinner to enjoy after a great round. With a fun, Scottish theme running through the premises. They offer nice food at good prices and plenty of good things to drink which is always great after a round of golf…… especially a bad one!

A Fun Tourist Attraction Near Cruden Bay

Well you have been looking at and had it looking back at you while you took on Cruden Bay. So why not go for a wee visit to, Slains Castle and see why this place was responsible for Bram Stokers Dracula! 

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