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Kingsbarns Golf Course- St Andrews

Kingsbarns Golf Course is establishing itself as one of the best links courses in the world with many golfers making this their priority whilst in St Andrews.

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Kingsbarns Golf Links

Season: 01 May to 15 November approx

This is one of the best golf courses in the world……. I am not exaggerating either! While, Kingsbarns may only be around 15 or so years old this is now one of the most highly regarded golf courses in the whole world! Some people make this their first priority when they come to St Andrews…… even above the Old Course!

What Makes The Kingsbarns Golf Links Such A Great Place

The Kingsbarns course just has a “championship” feel to it. It is impossible to stand, ready to tee off, looking out over the ocean and not imagine that you are playing in the Ryder Cup or that you are just a birdie away from winning the Open! The setting is just gorgeous I actually do not think there is a hole on the course that does let you see, hear or even feel the ocean. The bushes, trees and yes even bunkers make this one of the most picturesque courses in St Andrews.

Playing a good round at Kingsbarns is all about position! This is what makes golf here just so much fun and super competitive if you have a few friends playing with you. This is a course that is all about skill. The wide fairways may give the impression that this is an easy course, but that could not be any further from the truth. I would even go as far to say that it is not how far you hit your ball down the fairway, but where you land that is important here. A few of the holes have some really devious bunker placement where it may be tempting to try and make it to the green, but you run the risk of doing a little digging in the sand if you do.

The back nine at Kingsbarns is just phenomenal. I honestly cannot think of another golf course that looks as good as this. All of the holes on the back nine are looking at the North Sea! Some are incredibly close, so close that more than a few people end up on the rocks or saying good bye to a ball as they miss hit one into the sea. The back nine is full of challenging holes and I have seen many a good “first half” of golf taken down by poor play here. One hole that really takes some people by surprise is the over 400 yard hole 17 which has a few bunkers to get you stuck in. A good drive is needed here, but as you will probably be tired from the other 16 holes, hole 17 can be a real tough hole to make par on.

The funny thing is  even if you do have a slightly off game as you play the back nine, you will still really enjoy yourself as the course is just fantastic. But at the same time if you do have your A game with you, your position play is going good and your putting like a pro then I promise once you come of the course you will swear this is the greatest place on Earth!

The Best Hole At Kingsbarns

Hole 15

This 183 yard, par 3 is a hole that I could happily play over and over again! To your right you have the North Sea and to the left are some bushes, rocks and water! And then the green which looks so inviting from the tee will see a shot that is hit to flat just roll right off into the water! If you under hit your shot……. Well you are in the water. This is a tricky hole and one I have still yet to get a birdie on, but being so close to the sea and with its tricky, but fair challenge this is by far my favourite hole here.

A Few Things To Know About Kingsbarns Links

Take Advantage Of The Driving Range

They have a fantastic driving range here where you get a lot of free balls and a whole bunch of different targets to try and smash with them. This was so much fun that we almost forgot we had a course to take on!

They Have A Great Caddie Service

One thing that I love about the caddie service here is that the gentleman I spoke to made it a point to mention that here at Kingsbarns they hire their caddies just as much for their personalities as they do their golfing knowledge. This really showed as the young lad who accompanied me round was such a nice lad and he did a great job in helping me on some of the trickier sections. I think actually I may owe him a pint as he must have saved me about 4 on my final score.

Golf Carts Are Available

They do have a few golf carts here, but they are in limited surprise and they must be driven by the caddie (so no joy riding) but if you need one then they are available. Just be sure to book one as far in advance as you can.

Where To Eat And What To Do?

Where To Eat

When it comes to eating after or before a round at Kingsbarns then the only place you want to go is their very own clubhouse. Not only do they offer some lovely food here, but the prices are not over inflated like they are in most other clubhouses. The pro shop is here as well so you can stock up on some tees, balls or maybe even a wee souvenir or two!

Something Else To Do

St Andrews is an incredible town and if you are looking for something else to do while you are here then a walk around, St Andrews University is amazing. This was the first university in Scotland and some of the architecture of the buildings is just incredible. 

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