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Royal Troon Golf Course, North Ayrshire

Royal Troon Golf Course with its deep rough interspered with gorse and broom, making accurate shots is key to success especially if it is windy.

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Royal Troon Golf Club

Visitors days are Monday Tuesday and Thursday

As Much By Skill As By Strength is the motto of Royal Troon Golf Club and boy are they right! Located in Ayrshire, this is a real golfers type of course. A course that requires discipline, patience and a little bit of help from lady luck as well. This is a fun round of golf and one that will show you just how good you really are!

Why Royal Troon Is A Great Golf Club

If you are playing of the medal tees, Royal Troon is a whopping, 6.641 yards. So this is a course that you are not going to just power your way through, you can try, but you will have a hard time! This is a lovely course with the sea keeping you company most of the way. This is an out and back style of links course where you will be heading towards the sea for the front nine and playing with your back against it, heading towards the club house for the back nine.

The front nine is where you can really make your mark and get a good score early on. The first six holes here will have the sea to your right. So if you do have the tendency to slice the odd ball, you can kiss it goodbye! But on the flip side of this the wind can actually really help you out here and give you a wee bit extra lift and distance which can come in very handy and make sure that your score is not shot to hell before you hit the back nine. The back nine is as I am sure you have figured out the opposite. The wind can wreak havoc on your game here if you are not careful. Play smart here is my advice as the wind will laugh at any power shots you attempt and any slices that you make will be even worse thanks to the wind. It is challenging, but it is a great way to really test yourself and force you to think about each shot.

The way you start will dictate how you do at Royal Troon. Things to be honest start off fairly “simple” with a nice little, par 4 at 357 yards. As long as you try not to be too adventurous and stick to the fairway a birdie is very possible here and this will pump you up for the rest of the round and give you a little spring in your step. Keeping on the fairway is actually something I would recommend for most of the holes! I know it can be tempting to just let fly off the tee, but by sticking to the fairways and using smart positioning you can really get a good score here…… which will give you some serious bragging rights.

Royal Troon is a great course. It is challenging and has seen more than a few golfer hide his score card, but if you play smart and make the wind work for you during the front nine then you can really dictate the game and make sure that you will have a respectable score.

The Best Hole At Royal Troon

Hole 8 (The Postage Stamp)

I know, I know no points for originality here, but the famous Postage Stamp is the real highlight of this course. This par 3 is only 126 yards, but the name Postage Stamp is not just for laughs. You pull out your wedge and then realise that the green looks tiny! And the reason for this is because it is! Not only is it very small, but there are these five big, mean bunkers that will be more than happy to take your ball if your shot is not perfect. This hole stumped both Tiger Woods and Greg Norman! If you do manage to nail it then you will feel amazing!

A Few Things To Know About Royal Troon Golf Course

Some Good Tuition

One thing that is great about, Royal Troon is that they offer some fantastic tuition here. You can have a one on one lesson that can last up to an hour. Here you will be helped out with your swing and given a few little pointers. Also they offer short game tuition which is great and will surely teach you a new trick or two. If you are in a group they also offer group tuition where you can make your lesson tailored made to the needs of your group. Work on your swing, short game or whatever it is up to you what you want to work on during your lesson!

“Personal” Services

Royal Troon offer a number of great services to help make you a better golfer. They will advise you on what kind of grips, shafts and what the length of your clubs should be. You will be amazed at how clubs that are tailor made for your body will help your game and they can help you with that right here. This is something that I highly recommend you look into.

Hire A Caddie, Clubs And More!

They offer a fair priced caddie service at Royal Troon which can be very helpful, especially for that back nine. Also they offer a trolley rental service where you can have a basic trolley or you can pay a little bit more for a fancy electronic one. And for some reason if you show up here without a set of clubs! Then you can hire them also.

Where To Go And Where To Eat

A Nice Place To Eat

The Ailsa Lounge & The Dining Room which are located in the clubhouse are the perfect places to unwind after playing a tough round at Royal Troon. They offer a lovely three course meal here (including the most classic Scottish dish, Haggis!) and before you eat a fantastic idea is a few drinks at the bar as this is a the perfect way to celebrate a good round.

A Fun Tourist Attraction In Ayrshire

Scotland is home to some of the most amazing castles in Europe. One of the most spectacular is, Culzean Castle which from the outside has the look of an incredible medieval castle, but inside it is just so immaculate and awe inspiring that your jaws will hit the floor when you take a tour here. 



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