Edinburgh Hen Party Dance Masterclasses
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Choose from twenty dance styles and be schooled by our dance instructors who not only make the masterclass a lot of fun but bring out the secret dancer in you. 2 hours of dancing fun for any age!!
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We have a huge range of dance classes to choose from - will you pick from our most popular and will you dare to be a bit different...the choice is yours.
The dance classes usually last around 2 hours and normally take place within licenced premises allowing you the chance to have a glass of courage before and after...
Our top five dance parties are
  • Belly Dancing
  • Bollywood
  • Burlesque 
  • Can-can
  • Cheerleading
Some different classes
  • Chicago
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Grease
  • Pole Dancing
  • Salsa
  • Street Dancing
  • Strictly Come Dancing
  • Thriller
Belly Dancing Party
Belly Dancing originates from Greece and the Middle East.  You will be taught some moves that work your stomach and hips you will perform some hip and chest rotations vertical and horizontal rollings hip lifts shimmies and camels snake arms and ripples.   And not forgetting the Egyptian Walk.
We recommend that you wear loose clothing and flat shoes however crop tops and long flowing skirts are a great option.   You will be provided with some fantastic hip belts to use during your class.
Bollywood Dance Party
These parties are a bit different.   Traditional Bollywood dancing is fused together with hip-hop and belly dancing elements to give you a fantastic party.   Get right into the fluidity of Indian dancing and the energy of hip-hop dancing to the upbeat popular Bollywood soundtrack.   Imagine being able to show off your jhapkas and mhapkas (hip shaking)  bhangra style shoulder movements and wrist flicks to an audience at your big night out.   You dont have to have any dance experience just be able to have a laugh.
Burlesque Dance Party
These parties give you the chance to learn some glamorous 1950's style cabaret routines.  During the class you will learn a variety of walks facial expressions dance moves and tricks that you get to put together in a routine.   You will also get to play with some fun props like fans and crops.   You will have a great laugh and a fantastic chance to get dressed up.
We recommend that you wear anything you feel comfortable in.  You don't need any special clothing for the class but if you all get dressed up it will make the day more fun.  Think corsets showgirls  Moulin Rouge feather boas and long gloves.
Can-can dance party
Its time to get into the party mood with some high kicks Moulin Rouge style.   The brightly coloured can-can skirts that  are provided will really put you in the mood for fun and giggles.   You will be taught the basic moves tricks and routines that will come together in a full chorus line performance at the end of the party.    Can-can parties are energetic fun packed and suitable for all ages.    Cameras are a must - to keep the memories forever.
Can-can skirts are provided in a variety of sizes.  We recommend that tops such as corsets be taken to keep the theme going. You can also take accessories such as feather boas and long gloves to really get you in the mood.   We do not suggest that you wear stilettos or high heels as you will need to be stable on your feet.
Cheerleading Party
Its time to kick off your party.  This fun filled high energy party will start off with some simple cheers and combinations.  The fabulous hot pink and purple pom-poms are provided for you to use during your class.   All your pom-pom shaking and combinations will come together in a fantastic routine.   Running around and laughing is guaranteed along with cheering.   You wont want to let go of the pom-poms by the end of your class.
We recommend that you wear something that you feel comfortable in however if you really want to get into the mood then go for pleated skirts and leg warmers.   We do not recommend that you wear high heels as you will need be stable on your feet and do some jumping.
Chicago Dance Party
This is a sexy sassy and stylish dance party.   This dance party will take you back to the prohibition era of fame fortune and vice you will learn some intricate dance moves and hand moves to create a routine true to the theatrical musical.  Its time to get those jazz hands ready.
We recommend that you dress in something comfortable however dressing in black flapper dresses fishnets and high heels will really get you in the mood.
Dirty Dancing Party
So you know the film you love the songs now learn the moves.    You will learn moves such as salsa steps and the cha cha cha.   You will be taught the routine that Baby learns in the log cabin.   Its time to get ready to have the time of your life!!!
We recommend that you wear something that you feel comfortable in however if you really want to do some dirty dancing then we recommend high heels.   Some dressing up would also add to the theme.
Grease Dance Party
Remember the film and the songs this dance class will take you back to Rydell High!!!   Get your pink lady jackets and get ready to learn the moves.   This class will include a traditional hand jive as well as rock 'n' roll steps before finishing with the finale of We Go Together.
We recommend that you wear something that you are comfortable in but do suggest that dressing up will really get you in the mood.   Think Pink Lady Jackets and 50's dresses.   Footwear is just whatever you feel you can dance in.
Pole Dancing 
These parties are a perfect way to let you hair down when with your friends.   You will be taught some basic spins moves and tricks on the pole.   Believe me you will laugh a lot at yourself as you try and put yourself in compromising positions.   You will also be daring your friends to try and do the same.   This is a perfect ice breaker and will set you up for your evening to follow.
We recommend that you wear something that you feel comfortable in however if you really want to get spinning it will help if you can bring shorts (makes sticking to the pole easier). High heels make you feel sexy as well.
Salsa Dance Party
This is great for salsa music lovers.   You will be taught the basic footwork and build on this with passionate and dynamic salsa moves.   By the end of the class you will all be performing a whole salsa dance like a cuban pro!!!
We recommend that you wear clothes that you can move in including shoes that are neither too grippy or slippery for those steps and turns.  Flowing clothing can also accentuate the beauty of your moves but not compulsory.
Street Dance Party
Learn to strut your stuff like Beyonce.  You will be shown how to bump grind and hip hop during your party.   Once you have learned the basic moves you will go on to practice and perform a great routine.
You can wear whatever you like but clothing that you can move around in is best.
Strictly Come Dancing
Have you wanted to be part of the biggest show on TV at the moment.   Well now is your chance.   This party lets you glide across the floor with all the grace style and dignity of your favourite stars of the show.   You will get to pick from a few of the favourite dances and spend the time learning them.  
We do recommend that you wear a floaty knee length or longer skirt (or leggings) and a nice top a small pair of heels or ballet pumps to look glam and to make you feel graceful for twirling in circles.
Thriller Dance Party
Spend your dance party with werewoves and zombies.   You will learn the dance from the Michael Jackson classic Thriller.  Imagine your friends faces when they see your moves everytime you hear the song.   There are elements of disco and street dance which you will be taught.    Get out your best red jacket and all the latex you can find.
You can wear anything you like for the dance party but you may well get a little hot  it is always good if there is a theme going on throughout your whole group - great for photos!!!
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