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Home to Clan Campbell's chief and a substantial baronial pile built in 1743 on the site of previous castle. Open to visitors and includes lovely gardens.

The history of the clan is tumultous to say the least with the chiefs following one side or the other with sometimes disastrous consequences. Today, the clan is perhaps the most organised of all Scottish clans owing to the continued existence of the castle and the unbroken line of Dukes.

The house is an imposing structure and well worth a visit. Outside there are extensive gardens which are well kept and very interesting in their own right. This is not a romantic castle but a statement of Campbell power after they chose, perhaps fortuitously to follow the Hanoverians and not the Stuarts during the great rebellions of 15 and 45. Their influence was set as the other highland clans lost theirs.

We do have a few tours that visit Inveraray Castle and the model town that surrounds it.  See out tours section.

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Inveraray, Argyll, West Highlands & Islands, Scotland
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