Magical lake set castle north of Grantown on Spey on the Lochindorb Estate that was owned by the notorious Wolf of Badenoch. Ruinous, inaccessible but wildly romantic

You can simply walk to the castle as it is guarded by lake waters all around. But you can see it and imagine how it must have been. It was one of the Comyn strongholds that ensured that this part of Scotland was tightly in their control until the family's overthrow by the Bruce.

The castle is first mentioned in 1300 during the wars of Independence but truly gained notoriety when it became the stronghold of Robert II second son who became notorious as the Wolf of Badenoch who laid waste to Elgin Cathedral. The castle was demolished in 1455 by orders of the King. The great gate or Yett is still at Cawdor Castle where it was moved then.

Grantown on Spey
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