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Two days of activities on Arran to explain landscape, diversity and ecology for the families with hands on and education very much part of the mix!

There’s nowhere else quite like it – Arran is a great place for geology. Walk in the footsteps of Triassic reptiles or marvel at giant shells that lived at the Equator 300 million years ago. From the ancient remains of the Caledonian mountains in the north to the desert sandstone of the south, Arran has a wide variety of metamorphic and sedimentary rocks that record Scotland’s journey across the planet and the animals that have hitched a ride.

But that’s not all, Arran’s granite hills and the bumpy landscape in the south result from much more recent geological activity, dramatic volcanic eruptions as the Atlantic Ocean opened. This was ‘only’ 60 million years ago, when different types of magma were injected underground and cooled to form tough igneous rocks.

Come and wonder at the tenacity of James Hutton and other early geological pioneers, who studied Arran’s rocks and went away with revolutionary ideas that changed forever how we think about the world.

Discover ancient stories embedded in stone, and consider the long process of change that formed, and is still forming, this special island. Walks, talks, family activities and a sea kayak journey – something for everyone!

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