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Auldhame Castle

Ruined L Plan Tower with little history known. Can be walked up to and is usually empty and quiet

Built in the 15th or 16 century by the Otterburns but with little history attached to the building. Why it fell into ruin is not known nor the history of the house. Today it stands empty and ruined and can be visited although visitors should take care of masonry.

It is said that the locals of the area used mischievous techniques to lure ships onto the rocks on dark nights or poor weather. They were said to tie a horse's neck to its knee and attach a lantern to the rope, then drive the horse slowly along the cliffs, so that a vessel out at sea would think it a ship riding at anchor, and come in, only to be wrecked on the rocky reef known as the Great Car and be plundered by the ghoulish people. These tales gave Stevenson the idea for his story 'The Wreckers'.

Visitor Attractions

  • Seacliff Beach

    Private owned beach to east of Dunbar up coast from Tantallon. Half mile beach with tiny harbour, two castles and old house to explore.

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