First Millennium Scotland

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First Millennium Scotland Timeline

Romans reach Britain.

Romans first invade southern Scotland.

Battle of Mons Graupius.

Cornelius Tacitus first writes down his account of the Roman invasion.

Start of the construction of Hadrian's Wall.

Antonine Wall constructed.

Antonine Wall abandoned.

Scotland abandoned again by the Romans.

New Roman campaigns against the Caledonians.

Ninian born.

The Romans finally abandon Britain.

Columba arrives on Iona.

Columba dies.

Death of St. Kentigern.

Synod of Whitby.

Battle of Nechtansmere.

Skye and Iona raided by Vikings.

Kenneth MacAlpin crowned King of Alba.

Kenneth III begins his reign as King of Alba. He is known as the brown haired one, and is thought to have been the grandfather of Macbeth's wife Gruoch.

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