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Fourteenth Century Scotland

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Fourteenth Century Scotland History Chronology

  • 1300  Bruce mysteriously resigns the guardianship of Scotland.
  • 1302 Bruce sides with Edward I.
  • 1303 Wallace returns secretly to Scotland.
  • 1304 He begins to secretly ally with the Scottish rebels.
  • 1305 Wallace betrayed and arrested.
  • 1305 Sir William Wallace is tried and executed. He is hung, drawn and quartered in London, and his body is sent to the four corners of Britain as a warning. Bruce swears to avenge his death.
  • 1306 John Comyn is murdered with Robert's involvement. Bruce takes the Scottish throne but later flees to Rathlin Island after defeat in battle.
  • 1307 Edward I dies. Bruce returns to Scotland.
  • 1313 Bruce captures Perth.
  • 1314 The inevitable clash with the English. Bruce wins a glorious victory at Bannockburn.
  • 1314 Robert I beats the English at Bannockburn.
  • 1317 He sends the Papal envoys home to think again.
  • 1318 The Scots capture Berwick from the English.
  • 1324  Pope finally accepts the Declaration.
  • 1324 David II born.
  • 1327 Edward II is murdered and is replaced by Edward III.
  • 1328 Treaty of Northampton signed between Edward III and Robert. It officially recognises Scottish independence and Robert Bruce as King of Scots.
  • 1328 He marries Joan or Joanna, sister of Edward III of England.
  • 1329 Robert the Bruce dies at Cardross. David II takes the throne of Scotland.
  • 1330 The normally recognised beginning of the Lordship of the Isles with the accession of good King John of Islay
  • 1331 David is crowned as David II at Scone.
  • 1332 Battle of Dopplin Moor near Perth.
  • 1333 Battle of Halidon Hill near Berwick.
  • 1334 David leaves for the safety of France, where he spends much of his boyhood.
  • 1341 He returns from France and begins to consolidate his kingdom.
  • 1346 David taken prisoner at the Battle of Neville's Cross.
  • 1346 He marries his distant cousin Amie McRauri and consolidates the kingdom further.
  • 1357 He is liberated for a ransom of 100,000 merks.
  • 1362 Robert the Stewart leads an unsuccessful rebellion against David.
  • 1371 David dies and Robert the Stewart assumes the throne of Scotland as Robert II.
  • 1385 Richard II burns down St. Giles.
  • 1387 John of Islay dies and is succeeded by his son Donald.
  • 1388 Battle of Otterburn. Henry Percy Hotspur and the English are defeated by the Scots who are commanded by James, 2nd Earl of Douglas.
  • 1390 Robert II dies. His eldest son Robert III replaces him as king.
  • 1394 English defeat Scots at battle of Homildon Hill in Northumberland.
  • 1396 Battle of the Clans fought at Perth to settle the feud between the clans Mackintosh and Mackay.

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