Twelfth Century Scotland History

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Twelfth Century Scotland History

Beginning of formation of the clans.

Alexander II founds St. Giles Cathedral.

David I takes the Scottish throne. Period of strong ties with England begins.

David I founds Holyrood Abbey.

Edinburgh becomes a burgh.

David dies at Carlisle. The new king is Malcolm IV.

Somerled wins a naval victory against the ruling Norsemen off Islay.

Henry II of England reclaims Northumberland and Cumberland.

Malcolm goes to France to fight for Henry.

Somerled dies. His land is broken up between his three sons.

William I "The Lion" takes the Scottish throne.

William forced by the Treaty of Falaise to accept Henry II's overlordship of Scotland.

William founds Arbroath Abbey.

He buys back Scottish sovereignty from Richard the Lionheart at the so-called Quitclaim of Canterbury for the sum of £6600. The Quitclaim is the oldest public record in Scotland.


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