Abington Hotels

Days Inn, Abington

Located at Abington, Day's Inn offers convenient access to Glasgow and Edinburgh.Abington offers beautiful walks along the River Clyde and a good scenery . 

Here you'll find our selection of hotels in Addington in Central Scotland.

Most people find Abington as a service station on the M74. It is conveniently located at the point where Edinburgh-bound traffic leaves to follow the A702 through Biggar and West Linton. Bypassed by road, Abington is also bypassed by the main railway line to Glasgow, which runs along the east side of the River Clyde here.

Abington is an attractive village with all the necessaries for those who live in. Hidden away up a woodland path from the centre of the village is the Glencaple Parish Church, a beautiful little gem of grey and brown stone edged in red that lies close to the M74.

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