Dulnain Bridge Hotels

Here you will come across our selection of hotels in Dulnain Bridge, which is a village in Strathspey. It is located right next to the meeting of the River Dulnain and the River Spey, three miles south-west of Grantown-on-Spey, in the Scottish Highlands and the Highland council area.

The main attraction at Dulnain Bridge is the Speyside Heather Centre, which has a retail outlet and a cafe. There are several golf courses in the area around Dulnain Bridge, including the Boat of Garten course, which has been rated as the 39th best in Britain. At the north end of the village sit a display of volcanic rocks called the roche moutonnées. Around 18,000 years ago Dulnain Bridge was covered by a sheet of glacier ice. As the ice moved along it ground down and shaped the rock. As the ice melted, it left smooth, exposed rock in some places and a mixture of boulder and clay in other areas.The surrounding forests of Caledonian Pines contain many rare species, including birds such as the endangered Capercaillie and the main population of twinflower - Linnaea borealis is found in Curr Wood on the southern side of the village.

There are several accommodation choices in the villages of Dulnain Bridge, which includes hotels, hostels, B & B's, Lodges and Guesthouses. Some of the accommodation offers fine views of Strathspey. Here you can check our hotels price comparison page for better deals.