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Mackays Rooms and Restaurant Durness

Located in Durness, Mackay's is a truly luxurious boutique hotel where guests can enjoy a laid back holiday that is well complemented by the Highland hospitality.

Here is our selection of Hotels, Hostels, Guesthouses and Apartments in Durness, a remote township in the northwestern Highlands of Scotland, lying on the Kyle of Durness. It is the largest village in the northwestern corner of Scotland.

The main attractions in Durness are Smoo Cave, a conjoined sea cave and freshwater cave with a small river running through it and a waterfall in wet weather, unspoilt beaches backed by cliffs, and the local sea birds, seals, porpoises and minke whales. The surrounding coastline is some of Europe's most isolated and spectacular, with the nearby Clo Mor Cliffs being the highest on the British mainland, at some 281 m (921 ft) high.

In the substantial sand dunes to the north of the village, a large colony of puffins can be approached to within less than 10 metres, offering superb opportunity for wildlife photography. Rock pipits also live on the beach. Another tourist spot is the local Balnakeil Craft Village, a rather picturesque old Royal Air Force (RAF) radar base from the Cold War era.

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