Earlston Hotels

Here you will find our selection of hotels in Earlston, which is a parish and market town in Berwickshire, Scotland. The town is  situated on the River Leader in Leaderdale. Three miles from the town is the Estate of Bemersyde. Dating back to 500 years, the village still has the ruins of the small castle "Rhymer's Tower"(which is known as now) built by Thomas Learmont.

The village square is the main attraction in Earlston. This is overlooked by a number of attractive buildings, notably the White Swan and Red Lion Hotels. The square is also home to Earlston's war memorial, and it retains the rose garden planted in 1953 to mark the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Sports is also a major activity for entertainment in Earlston with Rugby, football, tennis and bowling as major events.

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