Gourock Hotels

Here you'll come across our selection of hotels in Gourock, a burgh in Inverclyde, Scotland. It's a popular residential area, extending contiguously from Greenock, with a railway terminus and ferry services across the Clyde.

In the past Gourock was a small fishing village and today it has grown into the traditional county of Renfrewshire. The people in Gourock are involved in herring curing, copper mining, ropemaking, quarrying and latterly yacht-building and repairing.

Gourock boasts one of the few remaining public outdoor swimming pools in Scotland. Gourock Outdoor Pool was built in 1909 and reconstructed in 1969, it was once tidal and had a sandy floor, but is now a modern, heated facility, with cleaned sea water used in the saltwater pool.

The megalithic Kempock Stone("Granny Kempock Stone"), stands on a cliff behind Kempock Street will grab your attention on the main shopping street. The supersition was that for sailors going on a long voyage or a couple about to be married, walking seven times around the stone would ensure good fortune. A flight of steps winds up from the street past the stone to Castle Mansions and St John's Church. Kempock Street has a good variety of traditional shops including baker's and greengrocer's shops.

Gourock park, which lies on the east of the town is a great place of attraction. Within the Park lies Gourock Park Bowling Club, one of two bowling clubs in the town,the other being The Gourock Bowling Club in Barrhill Road. Gourock also has a golf course, which stretches from behind Trumpethill to Levan estates.

With numerous accommodation choices, Gourock has everything you need for a getaway. Check our list of hotels in Gourock to make an online booking and compare rates given.