Greenock Hotels

Here is our selection hotels in Greenock city in Inverclyde, W Scotland, on the Firth of Clyde.

Greenock is a port. Shipping and shipbuilding are major industries. Others include engineering, textile manufacturing, sugar refining, and the production of office equipment. Greenock is the birthplace of James Watt, the discoverer of steam power. Robert Burns's "Highland Mary" (Mary Campbell) was buried in the cemetery of North Kirk.

Greenock is one of the settings for Alan Sharp's 1965 novel A Green Tree in Gedde. It is fictionalised as 'Gantock' by Robin Jenkins in his 1979 novel Fergus Lamont (The Gky shoal in the Firth of Clyde nearby, just off Dunoon). Greenock has also featured in several of the poems of Douglas Dunn and in several other novels. The Victorian landscape artist John Atkinson Grimshaw depicted a somewhat idealised Greenock in several of his paintings.

Greenock has featured as the backdrop to several films: the television films Just a Boys' Game (1979), Down Where The Buffalo Go (1988) and Down Among the Big Boys (1993) and the cinema films Sweet Sixteen (2002) and Dear Frankie (2004).

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