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Sordale House Hotel Halkirk

Sordale House is a 19th century converted farmhouse which is situated just 4.5 miles (7Km) south of Thurso just off the main A9 & 2.5 miles (4Km) NE of the village of Halkirk with beautiful views of the river Thurso and mountains beyond.

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The village of Halkirk lies on the River Thurso in the Highland council area. According to the local people, Halkirk is the first planned village in Scotland.
The place is known for being the birthplace of Alexander Keith, of the Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale beer fame.
The main attraction here is the Braal Castle - the best preserved of the Norse Castles. Other attractions include the Halkirk Bridge and the Ross Institute. The Halkirk War Memorial which was unveiled in 1922 with a design representing "Sorrow" is also worth seeing.