John o' Groats Hotels

Here is our selection of hotels, guesthouses, hostels and apartments in John o' Groats, a village on the northeast coast of Scotland.It was once considered Britain's most northerly point.

The village was settled in 1793 by John de Groat and his two brothers. The town takes its name from Jan de Groot, a Dutchman who obtained a grant for the ferry from the Scottish mainland to Orkney, from King James IV in 1496.

John o' Groats attracts large numbers of tourists from all across the world all year round. The name John o' Groats has a particular resonance because it is often used as a starting or ending point for cycles, walks and charitable events to and from Land's End. John o' Groats is also home to two football clubs, John o' Groats and Canisbay Juniors.

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