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The Quality Hotel Glasgow is situated in the very heart of Glasgow, an ideal location for both the business and leisure guest. Because the hotel is in the centre of Glasgow city, visitors to the Quality Hotel Glasgow can avail of the easy access to the many art galleries, shops and scenery associated with Glasgow.The Quality Hotel Glasgow is undoubtedy a fantastic hotel in terms of great value for money.The Quality Hotel Glasgow is well known as one of Glasgow's oldest hotels. Because of this, it brings with it an abundance of stories and is steeped in history, something which makes a stay at the Quality Hotel Glasgow a bit special!Join local and international artists as they make special unbilled appearances or join in one of many sessions happening in the bars. With food and drink in plentiful supply you can happily keep going into the early hours of the morning whilst witnessing some of the best musical collaborations of the festival.The Quality Hotel Glasgow has a stunning Victorian frontage, giving it an impressive presence in the centre of Glasgow city.Behind the walls lie stories of ghosts and hauntings; not to mention the tales of humour and fame.Also known as "The Central", the Quality Hotel Glasgow has been home to a number of famous faces and stars (both from the stage and the silver screen) in the past.* Please note December 23-26, 2008 the restauranst and bars will be closed. guests who book bed and breakfast will have plated service.**

Address :

99 Gordon Street

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