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Fabulous last minute hotels deals in Scotland with

Search over 1000 Scottish hotels with up to 70% off

Whether you’re booking well in advance or you’ve left it late, you'll be able to find the ideal place to stay courtesy of whos specialise in providing cheap rooms at the last minute. From cosy B&Bs in the highlands to luxury spas in the heart of Edinburgh, you can enjoy up to 70% off all kinds of hotels all across Scotland. The genuine guest reviews are culled from visitors who have genuinely booked with Late Rooms to help you choose.

  • ·  Book now, pay when you stay¹ - no prepayments required
  • ·  No booking or cancellation fees²
  • ·  Book online 24/7
  • ·  Instant email confirmation
  • ·  Up to 50% off all kinds of stays for every need
  • ·  1.4m+ genuine hotel reviews from our bookers

¹Some hotels may offer advanced purchase.
²If you cancel within the hotel’s cancellation period.

You can  browse our hotel late deals across Scotland here....

For those who prefer a human voice call 0870 735 0296 for immediate help.

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You can also use our hotel price comparison service to both find hotels and then check prices against 30 different online travel services. Click to start to play the price comparison game.

Last Minute availability is only available at a few hotels and we can offer them through a number of different services. The BEST DEALS FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS (and the specialists) are


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