Small village on Cowal Peninsula that used to be point where cattle were swum across the straits on their way to market.

The village is one of a number of small villages in Cowal that it sometimes feels that times have forgotten. It lies just 100 yards across the straits to the Isle of Bute and there is a ferry that makes the crossing. The main source of activity is trippers passing through on their way to the Isle of Bute.

There is a local hotel, a new sculpture park in 2012 and a heritage centre in the village that was opened in 2009 

Local Visitor Attractions

Caol Ruadh Sculpture Park

Scotland's first sculpture park opening in 2012 in Argyll near Colintraive. 

Travel Directions to Colintraive

Colintraive lies on the A886 road, which crosses to the Isle of Bute here. A ferry crosses the 100 yard gap to Rhubodach on Bute, giving access to the tourist town Rothesay.

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