Quick overview of Edinburgh's Grassmarket...

The old market beneath Edinburgh Castle is now the rowdy home to some of Edinburgh's busiest pubs, and group of very fun shops like the legendary Armstrong's 2nd hand clothes shop.

Local hotels like Apex City and Apex International, hostels and the Grassmarket Hotel

Local Restaurants


Hula is a lively juice bar and cafe in the heart of Edinburgh's old town, which is quite popular among the locals and tourists.

Petit Paris

Petit Paris has been a favourite among the French food aficionados,for around ten years now. A highly rated restaurant, which offers an authentic French ambiance.


Khushi's the first Indian Restaurant to open in Edinburgh in 1947 still continues to pamper the tastebuds of Indian food lovers.


A popular name among Edinburgh’s pizza aficionados,Mamma’s still enjoys a lively following on the weekend. It offers a diverse menu options in pizzas right from the conventional ham, pepperoni, peppers or mushroom staples to the innovative fruity, chocolate and marshmallow concoctions to offer a delectable experience.

Blue Blazer Pub

Perfect place to spend a nice time with friends and enjoy some pints. Serves a variety of drinks in a warm ambiance. Described by one reviewer as comfortable as an old pair of jeans!


Espionage comforts on the Victoria Street with over five levels, upper level houses the Lizard lounge bar. Middle level has the Moroccan themed kasbar. Great place to hangout in groups and relish some wide selection of drinks.

City Café

The City Café has been serving Edinburgh and its visitors since the 1980’s. Situated in the heart of the city; providing excellent service, good value and great atmosphere. With a wide selection of food and drinks available, we are open everyday from 9am-1am. With a Private Function suite to hire, and DJs in the main bar at the weekend

Biddy Mulligan's

Based in the heart of Edinburgh's old town, this no nonsense Irish bar will keep you well entertained all through.

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