The commercial hub of central Edinburgh and despite offering a great view of the Castle largely ruined by traffic.

Local Venues


A popular choice among students and clubbers, Iguana is stylish and upbeat with their own in-house lifestyle magazine. A costly yet stylish place to spend your evening.


Negociants is one of the most popular bars among Edinburgh’s student population. It has been a bustling food and drink joint in Edinburgh for over two decades. Convenient outdoor seating, located close to all the major venues and attractions.


Spend your night with dance , cheap drinks and loads of fun in this unassuming night club in the Old town.

Filmhouse Café Bar

A great selection of fresh, imaginative and affordable food


Assembly is a great place to relax over a glass of your favorite drink. The outdoor tables and the Sunday barbecues are the other attractions that draw the young crowd.

The Cameo Cinema Bar Edinburgh

The Cameo Cinema bar serves hot and cold drinks and is a great place to watch a movie over a drink or to spend some time with your friends. Not to be confused with the Leith Cameo Bar!

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