Leith Walk ends and the road divides with one branching into Queen Street and the other following the contour of calton Hill and joining Princes Street...

A lot is packed into this small area including the ghastly St James Centre with its anchor tenant, John Lewis. Opposite is the newer (and equally facile) Omni Centre with the Edinburgh Playhouse a another 50 yards down the road. With a big theatre in residence it is no surprise that there is a herd of local restaurants serving the theatre crowd. Just of the main streets in Broughton Street everything becomes a little more salubrious and interesting. 

Local Restaurants

Steak Restaurant

Perfect restaurant for the dedicated meat lover at the top of Leith Walk/end of Queen's Street

Pepper Cocktail Bar

New cocktail bar in Picardy place - a veritable hive of weekend night activity


Refurbished casino situated at top of Leith Walk, hosts various club nights, its biggest draws are the long running gay night 'Joy' which runs fortnightly on Sat and 'Vegas' which runs monthly and is frequented by twenty-to-thirty somethings who enjoy spending their Saturday nights dancing to Kenny Rogers, Neil Diamond and Johnny Cash.

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