Hidden between Princes Street and Queens Street, this is frequently a street of shame of a Saturday night, but otherwise is a compendium of pubs and small bars. A few small boutiques hang on and on a windy day shelters you.

Local Restaurants

Police Box Coffee Bar

A police box that has been converted into a coffee bar has become a popular choice among the coffee and the loving populace of this city of Edinburgh.

The Mussel Inn

Award winning seafood restaurant in prominent city centre locations, the Mussel Inn is just right for families,business lunches and celebrations.

The Abbotsford

A great place to check out for some of your favorite drinks and meals and to visit all the major attractions around. Perfectly positioned near the tourist hot spots in Edinburgh

The Kenilworth

The legacy of Kenilworth bar back to 1893 when it was set up by a wine and spirit merchant. It takes its name from a novel by Sir Walter Scott, whose portrait hangs outside.

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