At the end of Lothian road and a confusing mass of roads going off into different directions. For a visitor to Edinburgh, this is your "here's Jonny" moment!

It seems unlikely that Tollcross was the original toll point for entry into Edinburgh as all the evidence points to other locations for levying taves on vehicles and beer. More likely it was given the name after Lothian Road was built in the 18 century.

The cross is now a clock and the crossing is the roads leading in just about every direction. On the one hand Lothian Road leads you towards Princes Street, another leads to Lauriston Place which skirts the Old Town and another leads to the South West of Edinburgh and Bruntsfield and Morningside.

It would be difficult to describe Tollcross as charming. It is what happens when planners build lots of roads and ignore local communities. 

Local Venues

Cafes & Teahouses

Made in France

A cute little deli, tucked away on Lochrin Place, serving tasty and strong coffee with a selection of tarts, cakes and pastries to go with it. Lively milieu and decor.


A friendly café named after the tribe from South Africa offers tasty sandwiches and massive grubs to cater to the hungry cells of its patrons.

Local Restaurants


Sukhothai ensures an authentic Thai fare cooked from the freshest produce and herbs that are flown in weekly from Thailand.

The Apartment

A modern bistro that serves a regularly changing menu and specials.

Cargo Bar

The first "fashionable" bar to hit the new Fountainbridge area. Sometimes busy and sometimes staid and quiet. 

The Cameo Cinema Bar Edinburgh

The Cameo Cinema bar serves hot and cold drinks and is a great place to watch a movie over a drink or to spend some time with your friends. Not to be confused with the Leith Cameo Bar!

Marcella Italian Bakery

the plain look and not so good looks of thsi Italian eatery might make it obscure. However, it fares well for its impressive range of fresh Italian delicacies.
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