A popular seafood restaurant that is well known for its range of well laid out classic seafood preparations.Lovely surroundings

The sister concern of the famous Fishers Restaurant (below), and specializing in seafood. Contemporary feel; bigger and buzzier. Extensive menu. Good wine list; a large number by glass. Reasonably priced. Blackboard specialties, great service. Some meat and veg.

A seafood paradise with an excellent wine list. Taste, presentation, comfort and service at its best. The place works on all levels serving typical fish delights: fishcakes, soup; game, poultry; and vegetarian cuisines grace the menu. Excellent wine list. Open all day; menu cut short late afternoon. LO 10.30pm.

Thistle Street

Open all day. Must try: fishcakes. 7 days LO 10.30pm.

0131 225 5109
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58 Thistle Street
Thistle Street

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