Aberfeldy Hen Daytime Activities

Bunkhouse BBQ

£ 9.99
Give your taste buds a treat with our BBQ and savour a selection of delicacies in our bunkhouse.

Mountain Biking Near Kenmore

£ 39.99
A 2 hour racing treat in the mountain ranges- Truly challenging!

Perth High Ropes Course

£ 47.99
Will your nerves of steel hold out as you attempt the 3 different activities on the high ropes course ... come on give it a go!!!!

4x4 off road driving experience in Scottish Highlands

£ 46.99
Experience some off road driving action in your 4x4 off road driving day and test your driving skills with mates.

Blindfold Driving in Scottish Highlands

£ 46.99
Chaotic and crazy, this mad cap sport is all about turning the conventions of driving on its head!

Perfume Making Classes in Scotland

£ 58.99
Interactive perfume studio experience with mates in Scotland. Make your signature fragrance with our experts for guidance. Suitable for all ages.

South Queensferry Sumo Wrestling

£ 19.99
It is an event where the opponents meet up to battle and force your opponent out of the ring. Have fun while you trip, smack and blooter but no dirty tricks!

Treasure Hunt in Scottish Highlands

£ 29.99
Time to find out the hidden treasure by solving clues with your group. Delightfully light hearted and well suited for any time of the day.

Aberfeldy Hen Daytime Activities  will pamper you at  tranquil settings, perk up the pace of the party and help you find your innate skills and talents. From slow and steady to wild and mad cap, there is a whole lot of options to choose from . From the old fashioned charm of paintball or clay pigeon to the thrills and spills of canyoning or rock climbing and the simple fun of a  tee session- there are countless possibilities to choose from.

After a strenuous day out  it will be a good option to get a pampering session at a spa or pick up a few nifty burlesque dancing tips or to add up to your skill sets. Cheer leading is something that comes naturally to the fun loving girls and is a good choice to build up the fun.

Abrefeldy also has fabulous eating options that serve a diverse spread of  delicacies. Enjoy the meal, the heady tequilas topped off with the banter sessions. In case you are looking for something truly extraordinary, call us at gobananas , the party planners who make that extra stride to make  your hen day truly original!