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  • canyoning
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  • Get into the Highlands and enjoy some real Highland spring with a journey down some white water.

  • Invite all your friends, dress up and get out! Team Ireland in Edinburgh about the Club Class Bus bar tour. Maximum number 58, 3 bars and nightclub entry: no rain, no snow, no stiletto sores and tons of fun!

  • The absolutely classic day of adventure and also an adrenalin rush. A sure fire hit even if you end up with bruises all over. Available all over Scotland.

  • Twenty different dance styles available in all the major cities. Start the evening with a class and then finish in a nightclub showing off your new moves. Ideal for the mother-in-law

  • Mountain high, river deep: enjoy the hidden Highlands with a canyoning day dropping down waterfalls and scrambling up streams. Wet, fun and exhilarating!

  • Learn the ever useful art of cocktail making from one of our cocktails masters. Make your own, drink your own and start the evening the way you mean to carry on.

  • The ultimate way to get around on one of our Boogie Buses: carries sixteen in luxury to a party, to bars or to some activity. We can even pick you up from the airport.

  • Q Jump entry into nightclubs. Don't finish the evening wandering around trying to get your group into a club because you have made no arrangements

Archery in Scotland

Archery - Perth

£ 29.99
Will you be the one that hits gold!!! A competitive activity for you and your team - who will be boasting the most in the pub later...

Archery Near Aviemore

£ 29.99
1-2hr session to test your hand-eye coordination with archery near Aviemore. Includes professional guidance and necessary equipment.

Edinburgh Multi activity - Choose any 2

£ 79.99
Get ready for an action packed adventure with our Multi-Activity Day and channel your adrenalin the way you love!

Multi Activity Day Inc BBQ Lunch Near Keith, Moray

£ 139.99
Trying out these fun and interactive cool day time activities will surely lift the momentum of your day!

2 Nights - Clays and Archery North of Aviemore

£ 95

Be bang on target with this fun package of golf, archery and clay shooting coupled with 2 nights accommodation, camp fire and BBQ facilities at Aviemore.

2 Nights - Golf, Clay Shooting and Archery Package

£ 125

Be bang on target with this fun package of golf, archery and clay shooting, which will put to test your shooting skills and precision.

2 Nights - Quads, Clay Pigeon Shooting and Archery Package

£ 145

This package includes our top outdoor activities like  quad biking, clay pigeon shooting and archery along with 2 nights accommodation.

Archery and 10 Clay Shot in Ayrshire with Lunch

£ 54.99
Get ready for a thrilling shooting game along with scrumptious lunch.

Archery in Stirling

£ 31.99

Test your target skills with hand-eye coordination in Stirling. Includes professional guidance and necessary equipment. Beat your own score!

Archery Near Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire

£ 29.99
Be a Robin Hood and strike those targets like a pro in your archery event in Stirlingshire.

Multi activity - Any 4 activites at Mad Max

£ 114.99
Design a customised day out with som eof your favorite activities and drive up the fun. Choose from any 4 actviites at Mad Max and have a great time out!

One Night Accommodation-Clays & Archery Package

£ 80

Great deal for all group types, experience some target skills with our clay and archery session North of Aviemore and enjoy a 1 night accommodation.

It is impossible for you not to fall in love with the classic charm of archery. Hit the bull’s eye to share the hall of fame with legendary English archers like Robin Hood! Archery is simple and swift to pick and is well suited for all age groups. All you need to is to have a sharp eye sight and a firm hand to make a clean hit.

Our instructors would help you to get to grips with this exhilarating game and you will be provided with standard bows to hit the bull’s eye. Archery is a game of points and you can sore high big by hitting the bull's eye. No matter whether you score big or not,  a spell of archery would be a great option to chill out with your friends. Call us at gobananas and get ready for some exciting bow and arrow session.