Climbing, Canyoning and Cliffs for Edinburgh Hens

Edinburgh Hen Climbing Activities

Canyoning, Cliffjumping & Rafting Experience in Perthshire

£ 77.99
Total wipe out multi-activity day.. three adrenalin activities together in one day for a great price!

Face the Challenge of Abseiling

£ 42.99
You have an experienced guide to take you abseiling, we can take beginners to experienced rock climbers.

In case you  have a head for heights and love challenges, then  climbing canyoning and cliffs would be a perfect pick. Ensuring nothing but loads of unadulterated adventure and thrills, the climbing activities are not for the chicken hearted maiden anyway. Secured by bellows and ropes you will be inching your way up along the towering cliffs and mountain peaks of  Edinburgh. The steep incline would make you skip a heart beat or two  but the sense of accomplishment that comes with these activities make them real chart busters.

Our experienced instructors will help you crack these activities in no time and you will be provided with all the safety gadgets to ensure your safety without compromising on the fun factor. An excellent group activity canyoning  will bring out the best in you and would hone up your team spirits. In case you are looking to trad off the beaten track, these extreme activities that were once the monopolies of the men would be the ultimate option. Call us at gobananas to gather more information on these activities and the hottest deals and prices that would leave you dumbstruck!