Edinburgh Hen Cocktail Classes

Our Cocktail Making Lessons in Edinburgh

Cocktail Making in Ediburgh Candy Bar

£ 29.99
Learn the essential art of making cocktails in Edinburgh's George Street Bar.

Make Cocktails & 2 course meal in Edinburgh at Lulu

£ 54.99
2 hr Cocktail making session at Edinburgh's painfully chic Lulu cocktail bar with 2 course meals and master the skill of mixing spirits at Tigerlily.

Cocktail Masterclass in Edinburgh at Opal Lounge

£ 34.99
Our cocktail makers have spent years perfecting their art and now you can learn it in an hour or two. Chic bar and italian style waiters.

Mobile Cocktail Making Experience in Edinburgh

£ 36.99
Don't mix with hoi-polloi when we can bring a cocktail bar to you. We teach you the fine art while you sit back in your apartment...

Great start to an evening with our early evening cocktail making lessons that you can team up with a meal and then maybe a bar tour on the Club Class Bus or maybe something a little novel like foreplay lessons - if you are gonna marry him, you had better know what makes him tick!

An unforgettable multi sensory experience, guys and gals learn how to make cocktails and enjoy the fantasy world of drinks! Learn how to mix drinks that includes a number of contemporary, classic and some of your own inventions and enjoy your day with your close mates. Edinburgh is known for its variety of drinks and so a cocktail making session could be really interesting. Split into teams and make a number of challenging and engaging rounds whilst our professional instructors will give you an introduction on the discovery of drinks and its way to the market!

Hey dudes, learn the mix 'n' match mixology where you will be treated to tasters of various spirits around the world. Enjoy the exotic and interesting liquors for an entertaining session in Edinburgh's top cocktail making places. Though most of the professionals had taken years to learn the art of cocktail making,  you girls and guys can look into these drinking ingredients which may not associate with a drink but more to a dessert.

The bartenders will entertain you with anecdotes and relevant information about these drinks whilst you enjoy the cocktail making session in Edinburgh. No idea about the place? Give us a call or drop us a mail at GoBananas and we will get back to you with some our other perfect deals for a great stag or Edinburgh hen party.