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  • Get into the Highlands and enjoy some real Highland spring with a journey down some white water.

  • Invite all your friends, dress up and get out! Team Ireland in Edinburgh about the Club Class Bus bar tour. Maximum number 58, 3 bars and nightclub entry: no rain, no snow, no stiletto sores and tons of fun!

  • The absolutely classic day of adventure and also an adrenalin rush. A sure fire hit even if you end up with bruises all over. Available all over Scotland.

  • Twenty different dance styles available in all the major cities. Start the evening with a class and then finish in a nightclub showing off your new moves. Ideal for the mother-in-law

  • Mountain high, river deep: enjoy the hidden Highlands with a canyoning day dropping down waterfalls and scrambling up streams. Wet, fun and exhilarating!

  • Learn the ever useful art of cocktail making from one of our cocktails masters. Make your own, drink your own and start the evening the way you mean to carry on.

  • The ultimate way to get around on one of our Boogie Buses: carries sixteen in luxury to a party, to bars or to some activity. We can even pick you up from the airport.

  • Q Jump entry into nightclubs. Don't finish the evening wandering around trying to get your group into a club because you have made no arrangements

Cocktail Making Lessons in Scotland

Cocktail Class With 3 Course Meal - Glasgow

£ 42.99
Learn mixing cocktails with friends and learn how to create these fizzy drinks topped with a scrumptious three course meal.

Cocktail Making Lesson in Glasgow

£ 29.99
Learn the art of preparing those refreshing colourful drinks and have fun with your mates!

Cocktail Masterclass AB10 Aberdeen

£ 29.99
Fancy yourself as a bit of a cocktail lover? Looking for a unique and interactive group activity? Then learn to make these fizzy drinks in our 1.5hrs cocktail making session in Aberdeen.

Cocktail Masterclass George Street Edinburgh

£ 29.99
Cocktail masterclass take you through the basics of cocktails and to the points of mixology.

Cocktail Masterclass with Canapés Glasgow

£ 25.99
Pick up the tricks of cocktail making under the guidance of our professional mixologist in your cocktail making lessons in Glasgow.

Cocktail Making in Ediburgh Candy Bar

£ 29.99
Learn the essential art of making cocktails in Edinburgh's George Street Bar.

Cocktail Masterclass + Meal & VIP Entrance in Edinburgh

£ 56.99
Cocktail masterclass at Le Monde that also includes meal and then a VIP entry into Shanghai Club afterwards. Posh & great central George Street location.

Edinburgh Cocktail Masterclass with 2 course meal

£ 34.99
The cocktail master will provide the group with a brief history of cocktails

Make Cocktails & 2 course meal in Edinburgh at Lulu

£ 54.99
2 hr Cocktail making session at Edinburgh's painfully chic Lulu cocktail bar with 2 course meals and master the skill of mixing spirits at Tigerlily.

Cocktail Masterclass in Edinburgh at Opal Lounge

£ 34.99
Our cocktail makers have spent years perfecting their art and now you can learn it in an hour or two. Chic bar and italian style waiters.

Glasgow Comedy & Cocktails Package

£ 124

Get ready to indulge yourselves with our hilarious comedy treat along with meals and master the art of making cocktails with friends.

Learn to Make Cocktails with canapés in Edinburgh

£ 49.99
Master the art of making cocktails with our interactive cocktail making lesson and enjoy a great time with friends.

Mobile Cocktail Making Experience in Edinburgh

£ 36.99
Don't mix with hoi-polloi when we can bring a cocktail bar to you. We teach you the fine art while you sit back in your apartment...

Cocktail making lessons in Scotland will be a good option for those who fancy an evening of fun. Scotland, the home of the finest ale in the world is the right place for you to pick up the tips and tricks of making a perfect drink and to sip it in the right style. Our cocktail making experts will demonstrate the art of mixing a perfect cocktail and share the best kept secrets of mixology that will make you popular in your friend's circle.


Learn the tricks and tips of the art of whipping up a perfect drink and grab a few eyeballs! No matter whether you are a seasoned player in this art or a greenhorn who cannot make out classic Cosmo or White Russian, cocktail making could be just for you. Call us at gobananas to know more on Cocktail making lessons in Scotland, which will make a perfect activity for stag and hen parties, birthday celebrations or corporate holidays.


Cocktail making is a great bonding activity that will keep everyone in your group together. It is well suited for all age groups and the best part is that it does not require any prior experience. Pick up the nuances of cocktail making to fix a premium drink in no time. You can discover the secrets of making a perfect cocktail and sipping it like a connoisseur. If all these were not enough, you can even come up with your own signature cocktail with a bit of innovation and creativity.