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  • Get into the Highlands and enjoy some real Highland spring with a journey down some white water.

  • Invite all your friends, dress up and get out! Team Ireland in Edinburgh about the Club Class Bus bar tour. Maximum number 58, 3 bars and nightclub entry: no rain, no snow, no stiletto sores and tons of fun!

  • The absolutely classic day of adventure and also an adrenalin rush. A sure fire hit even if you end up with bruises all over. Available all over Scotland.

  • Twenty different dance styles available in all the major cities. Start the evening with a class and then finish in a nightclub showing off your new moves. Ideal for the mother-in-law

  • Mountain high, river deep: enjoy the hidden Highlands with a canyoning day dropping down waterfalls and scrambling up streams. Wet, fun and exhilarating!

  • Learn the ever useful art of cocktail making from one of our cocktails masters. Make your own, drink your own and start the evening the way you mean to carry on.

  • The ultimate way to get around on one of our Boogie Buses: carries sixteen in luxury to a party, to bars or to some activity. We can even pick you up from the airport.

  • Q Jump entry into nightclubs. Don't finish the evening wandering around trying to get your group into a club because you have made no arrangements

Dancing Lessons in Scotland

Edinburgh Bollywood Dance Lessons

£ 26.99
Learn those hip and hand movements of Bollywood dance lessons in Edinburgh. Includes professional guidance. Interactive session with Bhangra style movements.

Edinburgh Pole Dance Lessons

£ 26.99
Show off the sliding, hanging and spinning moves with our pole dancing lessons in Edinburgh. Includes professional dance experts for guidance.

Burlesque Dance Lessons - Edinburgh - 1 and Half Hour Session

£ 26.99
1.5 hr fun, friendly burlesque dancing lessons with the incomparable Madame Peaches. Fun, risque and great start to an evening.

Glee Dancing Lessons in Edinburgh

£ 24.99
Party with a difference with our all time favourite Gleek dancing lessons and learn something new with friends

Chicago Dancing Hen Parties in Glasgow

£ 26.99
Chicago Dancing in Glasgow. Includes friendly expert dancers, photo opportunities. Wear comfortable clothes and dress up in style.

Dance Floor Divas Dance Lessons in Edinburgh - 1 and Half Hour Session

£ 26.99
Be a diva for the night in Edinburgh dance lessons. Includes photo opportunities, expert guidance, medley of songs and private room.

Dirty Dancing Lessons in Edinburgh

£ 26.99
1.5hr fun introduction to the world of Dirty Dancing! You'll wiggle and wobble, bump and grind, shimmy and shake with this fantastically popular dance form.

Salsa Dance and Lash Edinburgh Hen Weekend

£ 129

2 Night package that features accommodation, salsa dancing & comedy club

Dancing lessons in Scotland are great female bonding activities that will bring out the joyous and spirited self within you. Pick up a few subtle steps and body movements, show off your curves and natural feminine charm or grab a few eyeballs from the male community- dancing lessons offer all these and more!


No matter whether you are  a graceful dancer or can make only a couple of sloppy moves on teh stage, there is a host of dancing activities for you to choose from. From the sexy Burlesque or pole dancing lessons to teh fun filled Bollywood dancing and the high pitched Zumba dancing and more- Scotland has something special for everyone. Just give us a shout at gobananas to know more on teh dance lessons on offer in Scotland and make your hen party delightful!