Edinburgh Hen Daytime Activities

Top 10 Edinburgh Daytime Activities

Edinburgh Hen Party Dance Masterclasses

£ 29.99
Choose from twenty dance styles and be schooled by our dance instructors who not only make the masterclass a lot of fun but bring out the secret dancer in you. 2 hours of dancing fun for any age!!

Karaoke Studio Session South of Edinburgh

£ 29.99
Bring your friends and belt out some favourites in our pro recording studio on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Tons of tracks and you get copies afterwards.

Mini Highland Games outside Edinburgh

£ 35.99
How competitive are you??? You and your group will get split into clans (scottish word for team) and compete against each other...finishing with a tug of war - what will your clan name be?

Perfume Making Classes in Scotland

£ 58.99
Interactive perfume studio experience with mates in Scotland. Make your signature fragrance with our experts for guidance. Suitable for all ages.

The official home for all Edinburgh Hen Party Ideas! Have a look at all the different things we've collected for you to consider for your hen weekend, and remember - most of them are tried and tested by us! With Edinburgh set so scenically, you can choose to be a bit naughty or sporting and enjoy the array of activities you think would suit your group.

Crowned with a castle, countless restaurants and (almost) endless hen party haunts around every corner; this city is renowned for an atmosphere befitting a pre-wedding send-off. You'll get so caught up in either the adrenaline of our outdoors activities or the pure enjoyment of our selection of spas, you'll not know where the time is going!