Edinburgh Hen Driving Activities

Let's admit it! Driving is a passion for many and you love to go on on long drives with your friends.But have you ever tried driving a  land rover through the rugged plains and steep inclines? If no, then this is the chance of your life time to enjoy the thrills of adventure driving.  Be it the intriguing charm of off road driving to the nippy pace of quads  or the mad cap fun of karts, hen driving activities galore.

Ideal for everyone, these driving activities are loads of fun and pace in equal measures. From individual events to relays and races, there is a  range of formats available and you can choose the ones that suit your driving skills and temperament.  Driving activities in Edinburgh for hen party groups come in various formats  so you can enjoy the realtively sedate 4x4 either blindfolded or 3 foot deep in mud or you can, at the other end, go for aptly named and utterly mad Rage Buggies!

In case you are finding it difficult to choose all the best ones and tuck it into your weekend, just let us at gobananas to help you to come up with the best possible choices. Our hunky instructors will help you to get  the basics right  and  to get  going in no time. You would be provided with all the safety gadgets like helmets to ensure a safe driving experience. Driving activities are fun and make wonderful  items  in any multi activity list in Edinburgh. So, are you ready to do? Just give us a shout and enjoy the boom and bang of the buzzing engines to pack a punch to your hen weekend in Edinburgh!