Edinburgh Hen Food & Drink Experiences

Edinburgh Hen Food & Drink Daytime Entertainment

Whisky Tasting Session in Edinburgh

£ 17.99
Choose one of our whisky flights or create a customised flight of your own from our list and enjoy a whisky tasting session!

Cocktail Masterclass + Meal & VIP Entrance in Edinburgh

£ 56.99
Cocktail masterclass at Le Monde that also includes meal and then a VIP entry into Shanghai Club afterwards. Posh & great central George Street location.

Scotch Whisky Experience Edinburgh at Reel Time

£ 39.99
Take in the whisky and taste as much of it as you can as you are introduced to Scotland's national drink (after IRN-Bru)

3 Course Meal in Edinburgh

£ 19.99
Enjoy a lavish three course meal with your friends and make it really big for all. Starters have always played ...

Learn to Make Cocktails with canapés in Edinburgh

£ 49.99
Master the art of making cocktails with our interactive cocktail making lesson and enjoy a great time with friends.

Activities based around making or enjoying food or drinks including the perenially popular cocktail making which might be the perfect knowledge for a happy marriage: he's in a bad mood, you make him a cocktail... problem solved.

These are ideal late afternoon, early evening ways to pass the time before the evening proper starts!