Edinburgh Hen Rage Buggies

Rage Buggies for Edinburgh Hens

Rage Buggies Experience near Dunfermline

£ 59.99
Daft little blighters like NEDS on Acid. Overpowered, overscary and perfect for a party event. North of Forth near Dunfermline.

Rage buggies is the hottest craze and a relatively new sport to make a mark in the hen party circuits in Edinburgh. The diminutive looks of these smart vehicles could be deceptive as these power packed vehicles can dart past at  a speed of 50 km on any track including  sand dunes, dirt tracks and muddy roads. Rage buggies would ensure a great racing experience and are popular not for nothing. age Buggy driving events are close enough to Edinburgh to suits our intrepid and super fool-hardy hen parties. Rage Buggies travel very fast but with the built-in cages are actually quite safe; they just don't feel safe.

Rage buggies demand endurance and skill in addition to pace in tackling the countless challenges that you encounter on the way. Our instructors would help you to pick up the basics of safe driving of buggies through these not so easy tracks. You would also provide  all the safety gadgets including helmets and  weather proof wear to ensure safety.

We offer some of the best locations in Edinburgh where you can indulge in  wild turns and snappy twists in these small vehicles that have an amazing suspension and massive dirt tyres that will make your ride smooth and safe. In case you fancy doing something that is really exciting and hilarious at once, rage buggies could well be it!