Edinburgh Stag Daytime Fun

Our Top Selling Daytime Edinburgh Stag Activities

Mini Highland Games outside Edinburgh

£ 35.99
How competitive are you??? You and your group will get split into clans (scottish word for team) and compete against each other...finishing with a tug of war - what will your clan name be?

Rage Buggies Experience near Dunfermline

£ 59.99
Daft little blighters like NEDS on Acid. Overpowered, overscary and perfect for a party event. North of Forth near Dunfermline.

Personalised Clan Highland Games for Party Groups

£ 38.99
Set on the Kings Field near Linlithgow Palace between Edinburgh & Glasgow. Highland games event that suits any group wanting a true Scottish experience

The heart of a great stag do is arranging exciting daytime stuff so you don't simply hang around the bars and pubs of Edinburgh.

We have a mouth-watering range of activities for you to explore; from a sedate round of golf to exciting white knuckle rides like white water rafting or canyoning. There is a ton of driving activities like Karting, Honda Pilots and rage buggies. We can also combine them into multi-activity days which reduces your travelling around and the overall cost. If there is travel, we can quote for transfers like minicoaches. Our job is to maximise the fun with a minimum of work on your part.

Edinburgh is the Capital of Stag Parties and can offer a great number of brilliant indoor and outdoor activities. We can arrange activities close together so your not spending half the day moving from activity to another.

We know Edinburgh like the back of ours hand, so if you want advice then give us a call on 0800 567 7101 or send a quick email through and we'll sort it for you.