Edinburgh Stag Ghost Walks

Ghost Walks - Underground Tours in Edinburgh

£ 11.99
Explore the vaults under Edinburgh High Street. You WILL need a drink afterwards. Great hen party starter for the evening in Edinburgh.

Ghost & Torture Tour in Edinburgh

£ 11.99
Tales of torture and pain from Edinburgh's gruesome history. Perfect introduction to married life we might say. 90 mins exploring the dark of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh has a dark and sinister history littered with many haunting tales. Rated as one of the most haunted places in Europe, Edinburgh makes a perfect ghost walking destination for stags. Gather your guts to explore the dark alleyways and caverns with the prospect of ghosts lurking around. It is never going to be a pretty sight and is not for the faint hearted.

Be a ghostbuster and investigate the paranormal and you are rest assured of an experience par excellence. A guided tour of over 90 minutes, ghost walks could be informative and inspiring all at once. A hugely popular group activity, ghost walks will bring out the daring and the bold self within you and would make perfect night time activities. So, if you are in the mood of doing something daring, start your evening with a few shrieks and screams on a ghost tour, which is an ensemble of history, folklore and above all heaps of creepy legends. For more details, call us and get ready for some eerie fun that would make your heart skip a beat or two!