Glasgow Hen Butlers In The Buff

Sexy Butlers in the Buff Hire Scotland

£ 138.99
Hire sexy butlers for your party by the hour. If you thought you looked good in an apron - wait until you see how good they look in an apron and nothing else!

Girls, if you need some semi-naked butlers to entertain you during the night, get into these top party hideouts in Glasgow for a great session. These handsome guys will entertain you not alone with the drinks but also play some of their tricks just to make you feel sexy and seduced. Becoming popular among the girls these days, this event is highly addictive if you are of the naughty type.

Girls also remember that you can find them anywhere and everywhere around the club, doing their tricks right away! So just spent some time with these handsome dudes and you will have some hot stories packed for the nights later. With their mesmerizing tricks, you will not be able to control yourself, but we say its a time to party and not anything else, so don't run away but stay behind and enjoy the fun.

You also have many other night treats to explore, so after a seducing session with these guys, do catch up with some of our other top nightly fun events in the best clubs of Glasgow. Drop us a mail or give us a call at Gobananas and we will get back to you with our list of night treats for a memorable hen weekends.