Glasgow Hen Dancing Activities

Beyonce Dance Lessons - Glasgow with Madame Peaches

£ 26.99
Strut your stuff with this party theme and dress up in style for great fun, perfect for photos and get noticed in town! 90 min session.

Glasgow Hen Dance Party Masterclasses

£ 29.99
Pick the style of your choice and then let our instructors turn your two left feet into fred astaire/micheael jackson... perfect for hen parties, girls nights out

Swinging 60's Dance Lessons - Glasgow - 1 and Half Hour Session

£ 26.99
Rock 'n roll beehives for your swinging 60's dance party. Includes professional guidance, photo opportunities and own private room.

Glasgow Hen Dancing Activities – Glasgow has got a whole lot of dancing treats for all you hens which will surely add more spark to your last night of freedom. These fun and interactive dance routines will surely set the right momentum for your hen do. Just put on your dance shoes and get ready to have a great time mastering some of the most fun-filled dance routines in Glasgow.

We have got a wide choice of dance activities for all you girls, from the seductive pole dancing lessons, lap dancing lessons, to the amusing salsa dance and burlesque dance lessons. You have a lot to look for in Glasgow, so get into the groove and have a great time in your Glasgow hen weekends.

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