Glasgow Hen Tapas Meal

Tapas Meal in Glasgow

£ 19.95
Savour a choice of spanish cuisines in your tapas meal and enjoy a great time out with friends.

Dishes of different snacks, tapas meal is an excellent option on your hen weekends in Glasgow. Accompanied by plenty of drinks, enjoy this dish that can become the favorite of even the fussiest of eaters! So don't wait to head on for some fun events when your group doesn't love to do them but just get into our restaurants and enjoy this meal that is nothing similar to the other dishes you have eaten in life.

Tried and tested, good quality and delicious tapas meal, what more do you want than to enjoy all this in the perfect environment of fine restaurant ambiance and friendly service. So with all this in place, enjoy the meal that is traditionally served with a glass of beer or wine. Have fun and enjoy a gossip or two while enjoying this Spanish delight that offers the choice to eat a selection of different dishes.

 We are sure that you have loved it by just reading! So drop us a mail or give us a call at Gobananas and we will get back to you with this deal and other night treats for your hen weekends in Glasgow.