Glasgow Hen Whisky Tasting

Whisky Tasting Day - Glasgow

£ 12.99

Have a great time out with mates by tasting some of the most exquisite varieties of malt whisky's on your special day!

Scotland is famous for being the home of some of the finest malt whiskeys in the world and your Glasgow hen party can never be complete without making indulging in a whiskey tasting experience.  You will be tasting various flavours of whiskey in a bar or a distillery where you will delve deep into your senses to discover the fin tastes and flavors that set apart the various brands of whiskeys.

Learn about the traditional methods of brewing. It is a great group activity that offers some fun time in the company of your friends. Whiskey tasting is a short duration activity of less than 2 hours, which can also be combined with other activities to make  multi activity day. If you thought all whiskeys are made alike, this activity will make you think otherwise. Call us at gobananas to know more  on this simple yet enjoyable activity in Glasgow.