Glasgow Stag Zorbing

Zorbing at Madtrax Near Lanarkshire

£ 29.99
Zorbing session at Madtrax where you roll down a steep hill in a giant inflated ball. This is quite unlike anything else- akin to be locked in a tumble drier -only funny

Zorbing is hilarious if not crazy and you would definitely love it for its simplicity, though it is unlikely that most of you might have done it before!  You will be fastened in a giant inflatable ball and will be  rolled down the mountain as you tumble down at a speed of 30mph.   
The rough tumbles and the fact that you have no controls in guiding or slowing down the plunge will make it all the more intriguing. Scream your lungs out and have all the fun in the world before you make a safe and solid touch down.  Zorbing is well suited for everyone as there is no need for any  prior experience or age restrictions like many other stag dos. Just be in your jovial best as you set out on a roller coaster journey inside a huge inflatable ball. Zorbing, which traces its roots to New Zealand has become one of the most popular activities in UK stag and party itineraries in a short span of time.  Call us  to know more about zorbing and other party ideas in Glasgow to make your stag party a memorable affair.