Inverness Stag Multi-Activity Days

Canoe & Kayak in Aviemore (Half Day Session)

£ 44.99
Half day Aviemore Experience of either Kayaking or Canoeing

Multi Activity Day Inc BBQ Lunch Near Keith, Moray

£ 139.99
Trying out these fun and interactive cool day time activities will surely lift the momentum of your day!

Climbing and Abseiling Near Aviemore

£ 49.99
Time to try something fun and challenging in your multi-activity day with our climbing and abseiling event near Aviemore

A day outdoors with a combination of events can be quite exciting in Inverness. Whether it is a blend of quad biking and karting, rafting and kayaking or paintball and clay pigeon shooting, it is a great bet to enjoy your pre wedding party in Inverness. Moreover the town is known for its friendly locals, beautiful attractions and party hideouts. So just make sure that you are with the best party group and then its time to headout for an adventurous day.

From a day of racing, watery treats to shooting events, Inverness never stops to entertain all you freaky fun loving guys. Enjoy being in the best grounds of Inverness that is designed to suit all sports. The muddy grounds for racing, best rivers for wet sports and man made obstacles for a day of shooting will be entertaining. Whatever it is that you choose to do, you will be allowed a great time with your close mates. 

We offer you all the necessary equipments needed for your big day. So why wait when you get this great opportunity. Drop us a mail or give us a call at Gobananas and we will get back to you with our special multi activity day time adventures for a memorable day.