Karaoke Studios Edinburgh

Edinburgh Hen Star for the Day

Karaoke Studio Session South of Edinburgh

£ 29.99
Bring your friends and belt out some favourites in our pro recording studio on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Tons of tracks and you get copies afterwards.

We may not be good enough for X Factor but we are certainly good enough for a studio recording with out best mates. Our professional recording studios double up at the weekend to provide our hen parties with some time with their favourite tracks, murdering them. How about gifting a unique CD where you have played the prima donna to someone special? Capture some of your best acting and singing talents on CD in some of the state of the art recording studios in Edinburgh.

Join the celebrity league of matinee idols and set off a surging fan following by making a recording of dance, music or movies and earn a few eye balls. Walk into instant stardom in some of the award winning studios, where you can display your acting skills to be caught on CD. Choose a foot tapping song, some swift moves or pack a punch by adding a few visual effects. Karaoke studios could well be stepping stones for you to the ethereal world of glamour and glitter.

You can make wonderful choreographies to leave a stunning style statement. Show off  your talents and to grab a few eyeballs in the karaoke studios to make your stag and hen party, a truly special experience. Afterall nobody gets the chance to face a movie camera every other day! So , leave  no stones unturned; put in your best steps and get caught live in CD. Add a personal touch by customising the CD as per your tastes, which would make memorable gifts and priceless memorabilia. Call us at gobananas to explore the various options of this exciting activity in Edinburgh and get smitten by the acting bug!