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  • Get into the Highlands and enjoy some real Highland spring with a journey down some white water.

  • Invite all your friends, dress up and get out! Team Ireland in Edinburgh about the Club Class Bus bar tour. Maximum number 58, 3 bars and nightclub entry: no rain, no snow, no stiletto sores and tons of fun!

  • The absolutely classic day of adventure and also an adrenalin rush. A sure fire hit even if you end up with bruises all over. Available all over Scotland.

  • Twenty different dance styles available in all the major cities. Start the evening with a class and then finish in a nightclub showing off your new moves. Ideal for the mother-in-law

  • Mountain high, river deep: enjoy the hidden Highlands with a canyoning day dropping down waterfalls and scrambling up streams. Wet, fun and exhilarating!

  • Learn the ever useful art of cocktail making from one of our cocktails masters. Make your own, drink your own and start the evening the way you mean to carry on.

  • The ultimate way to get around on one of our Boogie Buses: carries sixteen in luxury to a party, to bars or to some activity. We can even pick you up from the airport.

  • Q Jump entry into nightclubs. Don't finish the evening wandering around trying to get your group into a club because you have made no arrangements

Restaurants in Scotland

2 Course Meal at New York Steam Packet

£ 19.99
2 course meal - an Edinburgh take on the American diner. Straight forward Americana and as such ideal way to start a night on the tiles...

2 Course Meal in Glasgow before Club Class Tour

£ 14.99
Enjoy a 2 course meal and then ride to all the best spots in town in one of our luxurious club class vehicles!

Evening Meal at La Taverna in Aviemore

£ 17.99
Its party time but in a Italian style, party like never before, we have got the best deals for you.

Indian Meal in Edinburgh

£ 21.99
The restaurant has won the Best in Britain award and the British Curry Awards three times running. It also holds Best Curry Award from the Irn Bru Curry Awards.

Tapas Meal in Glasgow

£ 19.95
Savour a choice of spanish cuisines in your tapas meal and enjoy a great time out with friends.

Blairgowrie Indian Meal

£ 24.99
Set in a delightful restaurant in the heart of town, enjoy the excellent food and view the beautiful surroundings!

Make Cocktails & 2 course meal in Edinburgh at Lulu

£ 54.99
2 hr Cocktail making session at Edinburgh's painfully chic Lulu cocktail bar with 2 course meals and master the skill of mixing spirits at Tigerlily.

Meal and Male Stripper in Lap Dancing Club Edinburgh

£ 43.99
Enjoy a forgetable 2 course meal while enjoying the unforgettable attentions of a stripper in our fave lap dancing club which you will remember. Perfect Hen Party fare.

Meal Deal at Edinburgh Hard Rock

£ 19.99
American style cafe - Great interiors and souvenirs from days gone past. We can book a range of group meal deals so you don't have to queue with American tourists!

Meal in Edinburgh Lap Dancing club for Stags

£ 24.99
You get a meal and you get the attentions of our lap dancers. WTF - the perfect combination. Central West End Edinburgh location. Great start to evening.

Tapas Meal - Edinburgh

£ 19.99
Enjoy a lavish spread of Tapas meal with friends in one of the top restaurant and enjoy a great time. A perfect treat for any occasion.

Tapas Meal Aberdeen

£ 19.95
Experience what it means to eat 30 variety dishes in 2 hour for a Tapas Meal in Aberdeen.

3 Course Meal at New York Steam Packet

£ 24.99
Edinburgh take on the American diner with 3 course meal. Straight forward Americana and a great way to begin the night-out!

3 Course Meal in Edinburgh

£ 19.99
Enjoy a lavish three course meal with your friends and make it really big for all. Starters have always played ...

2 Course Meal and Club Class Bus ride in Edinburgh

£ 14.99
No trip to Edinburgh can be complete without savouring a sumptuous 2 course meal in a restaurant located at the heart of Edinburgh.

Eating out in Scotland will be an overwhelming experience as there are restaurants , pubs and eateries of all possible genre. A delicious dinner will be a perfect note to sign off your party in Scotland.  From stag and hen friendly  restaurants to private dining options and dinner deals, there is a lot of choices to make.
Gobananas can suggest some of the best and popular dining places in Scotland that are easily accessible and  close to the other night time activities in your itinerary. From simple meals to La carte dinners and champagne receptions, there is something for every one here in our list. If you are planning a quirky theme for your dinner party, try out a medieval dinner party. There are best value for money packages in the form of dinner packages, which will bring together a VIP club entry, dinner and comedy clubs, to ensure all the frills  for a special party experience.

Well known for its excellent cache of local produce, Scotland is becoming an  inspiration of both chefs and gourmets. No matter whether you are a keen foodie or not,  the restaurants in Scotland will make you feel enthusiast  about eating out in Scotland. To know more on the restaurants in Scotland, just give us a call at gobananas and you will be delighted at the outcome!