Stirling Hen Zorbing

Zorbing at Madtrax Near Lanarkshire

£ 29.99
Zorbing session at Madtrax where you roll down a steep hill in a giant inflated ball. This is quite unlike anything else- akin to be locked in a tumble drier -only funny

Ever wondered what it  feels like to be a hamster in an out of control ball? Well, this is what zorbing is all about. Be brave, it is well worth it.

Zorbing is a unique way to spend the day as an alternative to a day of pampering for the hens. Zorbing involves being in a state where you  strapped inside a ball and roll down the hill. You have to be little brave and mad enough to get into this big PVC balls and, go for a roll down the hill. Hens love to have fun, and you can hear the scream and shout as they roll inside the Zorbing ball. It is a good sign that they  have fun.